USMLE Step 2 CS Testimonials

I really enjoyed all my sessions with the tutor! the sessions were extremely helpful for me and helped me to do my exam without stress! my tutor was really amazing! Thank you nazek for all your efforts!

Rami M. (USJ)

It was great, gave me good tips. I was worried mostly about the approach and how to ask the questions and behave and we worked on those mostly.

Rami S. (UOB)

Dr. Thomas answered all my questions and gave me some hints and helpful advises for better performance.

Farah B.H. (BAU Graduate) and Emilia C. (USJ Graduate)

It was an effective session. Dr. Thomas answered all my questions very clearly...

Nadim E.K. (USJ)

Dr. Thomas was very tidy and academic and he guided me through couple of details concerning the exam...

Boutros Y. (LU)